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Players: Ranks from Iota to Omega

Ι: The Iota is the highest ranking player (will typically be a veteran or a player worthy of great respect), but has no moderating powers. I repeat, the Iota is NOT a moderator and has no duties or responsibilities in moderating the LJ RP Evolution Community or its nodules. The Iota can and will at his or her own discretion serve as an arbitrator or mediator when disputes have arisen and disagreements break out. If the problem does not escalates into blatant rule breaking, and the Iota can manage to solve the issue before it's necessary for the Gamma or Beta to step in and fix it, all the better.

Κ: The Kappa, Λ: Lambda, Μ: Mu, N: Nu, Ξ: Xi, Ο: Omicron, and Π: Pi have not been defined yet... It is assumed they all have at least the same allowance as the Rho.

Ρ: The Rho is allowed total freedom to multi-RP ALL of their given characters in more than one nodule - providing that they follow the nodule's stipulations. Their allotments are the same as the Sigma.

Σ: The Sigma is allotted the same as the Tau, but is allowed to take on an additional OC, if desired.

Τ: The Tau does not gain any extra CCs, OCs, or nodules, but they are now allotted up to 4 CCs - which would include the 1 OC - 3 nodules, and the Tau can multi-RP THREE of their characters.

Υ: The Upsilon is allowed FOUR CCs (but only ONE OC) and THREE nodules. The Upsilon can distribute all of their characters over all of the nodules, and they can multi-RP TWO of their characters in more than one nodule.

Φ: The Phi is allowed a total of THREE CCs + 1 OC, and all of which are permitted to be involved in TWO nodules. The Phi can distribute these four characters over the two nodules as s/he desires, providing the nodule stipulations are followed. The Phi now has the ability to use ONE of the same character in two nodules simultaneously (multi-RPing).

Χ: The Chi is third from the lowest and is now expected to know the rules inside and out, the stipulations of the nodule(s) to which s/he belongs, and should be well acquainted with their node mod, the Eta, and pod mother, the Zeta. The Chi is now allowed to take on an Original Character in addition to the allowance made for the Psi. Taking on an OC is OPTIONAL. The Chi cannot take on a third Canon Character nor join a third nodule yet.

Ψ: The Psi is the second from the lowest, who has been promoted by showing good efforts in RPing and has demonstrated that s/he can follow the rules. The Psi is allowed to play ONE character in TWO nodules OR TWO characters in ONE nodule, but not both. The allowance is OPTIONAL. A higher rank can come in handy...

Ω: The Omega is the lowest ranking member and is new to the community. Omegas should not be called noobs or negative, derogatory, or insulting terms of that sort. Some Omega are veteran RPers who just joined this community, so that doesn't make them an amateur. Let them ascend the ranks through their own merits. An Omega can only play ONE character per ONE nodule.

Moderators: Ranks from Alpha to Theta

Α: The Alpha is the head moderator and sole maintainer, has the highest rank, and is moderator over the entire LiveJournal Role Play Evolution Community. The Alpha always has the last say, is the only one who can Blacklist people, and is the sole moderator of the tags.

Β: The Beta is a enforcing moderator, is not a maintainer, and cannot edit tags. However, the Beta is responsible for enforcing rules, including tags, and can serve as modulator for more than one nodule. When a Gamma cannot modulate for whatever reason, the Beta will assume responsibility. Betas have the power to ban players, but not blacklist.

Γ: The Gamma is a governing moderator and a modulator for a single nodule. Gammas serve as regular moderators do in regular RP communities, except without absolute power. Gammas cannot blacklist, nor can they ban players. They do, however, have the power to enforce rules, create stipulations for their own nodules, and govern the nodes.

Δ: The Delta are secretary moderators, which daily enforce the rules on entries and tagging by approving or disapproving the entries waiting for moderation in the queue. There will be at least one Delta per day of the week, but no Delta can be a Delta for more than one day of the week. Also, no Delta is allowed to be a modulator. The Delta also cannot be bossed around by the Beta or the Gamma, and Deltas report directly to the Alpha, despite being lower rank than Beta and Gamma. The Delta is required to cooperate with the Betas and Gammas.

Ε: The Epsilon is the record keeper of all the IP addresses of each member and known outside harassers. If a Delta or above rank spots a suspicious IP address, they report it to the Epsilon, who verifies the authenticity of the IP address and confirms the identity and status of the player to which that IP address is attached. The Epsilon reports bad IPs to the Alpha, if it's to be blacklisted, or to the Beta, if it's to be banned. The Epsilon is NOT a moderator and does not enforce any rules nor deals punishment.

Ζ: The Zeta is a pod mother. (Sort of like a den mother...) The Zeta speak on behalf of the members in his/her pod when that player is in trouble. Enforcing moderators are encouraged to consult with the Zeta first before enacting punishment. Every player should get to know his or her own pod mother, the Zeta, very well, because the Zeta will be like your advocate. The Zeta cannot deal punishment, but enforces rules through guidance.

Η: The Eta is a node mother, very similar to the Zeta. Except, the node mother is in charge of his/her own node within the nodule. The Eta has the same powers and limitations and serves the same function as the Zeta. If the problem is more character related, then the Eta is the best one to consult. If the problem is more player related, then the Zeta is the best one to consult.

Θ: The Theta is the moderator of all promotions to Iota and lower ranks. The Theta can only grant a single rank promotion. Special promotions, such as skipping several ranks (or a lot) or promotions to the rank of Theta and higher are handled only by the Alpha. If any member ranked from Theta up to Beta feel that so-and-so should be promoted specially to a rank equal to or higher than Theta, then they are allowed to consult the Alpha directly and do not need to go through the Theta. If these same ranking members feel that so-and-so should be promoted specially (more than one rank) to a rank lower than Theta, they must consult the Theta first, who then acts as mediator to the Alpha.

To-Do List


1) Work out who does what, who gets what, and such for the ranking system: Alpha (Α) to Omega (Ω)
2) Set up streamlined joining procedure.
3) Get something that will allow prospective members to search for the characters they want to play - to see if that character is taken or not.
4) Define vocabulary terms, such as modulator, moderator, maintainer, founder, member, player, nodule, node, pod, etc.
5) Create Player Guide Book.
6) Develop icons for each rank.
7) Define different types of RPs, such as a single canon setting with a panfandom cast, etc.
8) Make list of what fandoms can be allowed.
9) Make all appropriate entries for all the information available.



This is the Q & A entry, but you may also offer suggestions, ideas, et cetera if you like, as well.

It's possible I'll link stuff here later, but that's later...


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